Opportunities for people with support needs to achieve their ambitions and dreams through social, enterprise and vocational pathways.


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We launched this exciting new venture on 4th March 2019.

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Our Vision & Mission

Vision: To be a leading provider of high quality provision and training in the learning disability sector.

Mission: To see people for their uniqueness, and offer a first class service for inspirational growth and development.


Pop up stall

On Wednesday 3rd  July  we  had a stall outside Stoke Hammond Community Centre. We sold plant marker pebbles, cookies, decorated glasses and bottle lights. We enjoyed talking to the customers. We made £42. Next time I would like to sell jewelry, maybe at a market. by Hayley

Bright Ideas

We have all enjoyed making these bottle lights. These have definitely been our best seller. They are so effective when it’s dark, they give off such a gentle light. If you would be interested in seeing our current stock (as they fly out of the door) please drop us a message. They cost £6.50 and …