My year at Innovations

Happy Birthday! 

I’ve made lots of nice things this year. I liked making the painted rocks and sweet pots. 

I liked visiting Stony Stratford to do some research for Bright Ideas. 

Cooking is good, I like making all the cakes. The fruit cake was the best. 

 I like coming to Innovations because of the staff. 

By Hayley 

Wrest Park


Silsoe, Bedfordshire, MK45 4HR

Telephone: 01525 860000

We got to Wrest Park, but we couldn’t find the main car park. So we parked outside and walked around. It was free to park.

The tickets for adults is £11.50 per adult unless you have a Heritage card. For opening times check the website. It was a wondful  experience we went on a golf cart tour. It stopped at places of intrest while the man diving told us about it . I loved the orangey. The flowers were lovely.

The games inside the house were good because they were interactive and based arond the history of the house. They were also using the place to film a tv show. 

The cafe was reasonably priced but they need to have more food options. I would go again, 5 star *****

Willen swimming pool

I liked the willen swimming pool.  it was nice and warm. We did lengths, I went in the hot tub and loved the bubbles, then I had a play ball of catch with Yvonne, Niall and Lianne. It was loads of fun.

Change rooms

I throught the showers where to cold. Yvonne said there was some tiles missing off the wall. I think the changing rooms should have better locks to put swim stuff away not padlocks. The Pool was better than other times.

Around Town swimming trip

Buckingham swimming pool review

I liked going to Buckingham swimming Pool I had a go on the slide a few times. The slide was very fast and I loved it. I thought it was a very good Price. The changing rooms where very clean But there could have been better hair dryers that work.

Written by Sarah

Bright Ideas visit

Bright Ideas visited Second time around in Banbury to see what they do and get some project ideas. We liked the painted furniture, the nice chairs and helpful, chatty and polite staff.

We had a picnic in the park. l liked castle Quays shopping centre as it was good and sold nice ornaments. We want to go again to look at more.

Written by Hayley

Film Review with Lianne

The Lion King view

We went to the cinema to see The Lion King. It was a really fantastic movie. I thought it was better them the old one. The sunset looks wonderful in this film. I don’t have a favourite bit, I loved it all. The new songs were great. I cried when the Father dies. I would give it 5/5 stars. I hope they make a second one.

Image from Disney