Pop up stall

On Wednesday 3rd  July  we  had a stall outside Stoke Hammond Community Centre. We sold plant marker pebbles, cookies, decorated glasses and bottle lights. We enjoyed talking to the customers. We made £42. Next time I would like to sell jewelry, maybe at a market.

by Hayley

Bright Ideas

We have all enjoyed making these bottle lights. These have definitely been our best seller. They are so effective when it’s dark, they give off such a gentle light. If you would be interested in seeing our current stock (as they fly out of the door) please drop us a message. They cost £6.50 and we can take requests on colours and designs.

About Town at Dunstable Downs Today

So we went to fly a kite, but it was too windy!!! A scenic walk all the way to the highest point and back to have a great lunch in the cafe. Highly recommend sitting near the windows to view the gliders!